On The Box Mission is UK Registered Charity number 1155285

On The Box Mission Highlighting our work in the Kibera slum, Nairobi

Soweto Baptist Schools

Our partner, Pastor Evans Emasit Okwalinga, oversees a lively but poor church in the Kibera "village" known as Soweto East. The church runs a primary school and a high school with about 500 students between. Many pupils cannot pay full, or even part fees, but they are not turned away.

Children sit the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) at the end of their primary schooling and the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) at the end of their high school education. Success at KCPE gives entry to high school study. KCSE results give access to university or college education.

The schools obtain really good results in these examinations, in spite of the difficulties that they face. Many students are able to continue to university study with full government scholarships.


On the Box Mission has been helping the school to improve its facilities since 2009 when our team helped to complete four classrooms on a new site. This allowed the high school to move away from its previous site which was to be redeveloped with flats.

Since then we have helped the school to acquire further space, to equip the science laboratory and to build more classrooms so that the primary school could move to the new site in 2014. We have also helped with text books, new school furniture and, in 2017, a further upgrade to the laboratory equipment. In early 2018 the schools were granted permanent title to the land which gives them security of tenure for the future.

In 2019, thanks to a generous grant, we were able to pay for three more classrooms for the high school to be built to accommodate increased numbers. The extra space is also needed because the Kenya government has just added a year to high school education and taken a year off the start of university education. After the new classrooms were finished we were able to pay for the whole school to be rewired so that all 21 classrooms now have power and light.

Income generation

Through a generous donation, we have enabled the school to start an income generation project. This is helping to bring in funds to bridge the gap between the fees that the students actually pay and the cost of running the school. Whilst the project meets much of the revenue shortfall it does not meet the costs of maintaining or developing the facilities.