On The Box Mission is UK Registered Charity number 1155285

On The Box Mission Highlighting our work in the Kibera slum, Nairobi

Crossing to Conquer children’s centre

Crossing Crossing to Conquer (CTC) is a community project run by husband and wife team Beatrice and Kenneth. They work in the Kibera village of Mashimoni and provide support for about 50 orphans. Most of the children have lost parents to AIDS and live with their wider family or host families. Often these families struggle to look after these extra children, so Crossing to Conquer offers extra help. A number of the children live at the centre because they are completely on their own.

CTC provides meals for the children before and after school and also try to help with school fees, as well as other costs such as school uniforms and books. They also provide basic pre-school education and day care for the youngest children. At weekends and in holidays they provide a safe place for children to go, with a range of activities as as well as Christian teaching.


Support from On The Box Mission

On The Box Mission helps financially with food, medicine and school fees as much as our resources allow. In 2017, through a generous donation, we enabled CTC to buy new buildings as their old rented buildings were scheduled for demolition to make way for a road.

In 2019, again thanks to a generous donation, we have been able to pay for additional buildings to increase the centre’s space and to provide private toilets. We have also paid for a water system in which one water tank will be run from the mains water supply and a second tank will be fed with rainwater and used for washing. We have also paid for an electrical installation so that the centre has power and lighting.

We have also provided start-up funding for a small income generating project which will help the centre move towards being self-sufficient.